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Wanderguide Referrals

We strive to have a Wanderguide by people in the know for every dream destination. To spread the love we have our own Wanderguide referral program (just like AirBnb does for their hosts).  You can earn up to a $100 per referral and it is a fun way to request recommendations from friends before your […]

Wanderguides of the Month – July 2019

Hey everyone! The Travelade team had a blast selecting July’s wanderguides. There were a lot of inspiring guides out there and we learned about so many interesting destinations during the selection process. We’d like to thank all of the awesome wanderguide-creators for sharing your local insights with the world. Here are July’s 5 wanderguides of […]

How to Become an Airbnb Host in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’re thinking about renting that spare room in your house or make profit from your apartment while you’re on vacation, Airbnb is a pretty nice way to make some extra cash.  People sometimes ask about whether becoming an Airbnb host is as easy as Airbnb claims but there’s actually no clear answer to that. […]

New Feature Alert

We are listening! Through your feedback, we have just added a new feature….You can now add your own pictures to the places that you are adding to your Wanderguide. Let’s take you through the steps:I want to add the island of Flatey to my Wanderguide. Once added, you can see the image google chose for […]

Why take a guided tour while traveling

Being the able-bodied adventure seeker that I am, I once scoffed at the idea of taking a guided tour.  I had images of piling in and out of giant passenger busses, being subjected to awkward tour guide jokes or not having the freedom to explore and do my own thing. But as I continue to […]

How to Share Recommendations with your Airbnb Guests

You’ve read the articles…Top tips to be the best Airbnb host, 25 insanely great ways to improve your Airbnb listing and you’re moving through that checklist like a hot knife cutting through butter:  Extra toilet paper…CHECKSparkling clean…CHECKFresh flowers…CHECK (?)Provide your guests with plenty of information about your local area…CHECK! But let’s dive into this one […]

Wanderguides of the month – June 2019

We had a good amount of interesting wanderguides created this month from all over the world. Many of these guides opened our eyes to new travel destinations and new perspectives and that’s something we’re really thankful for. But without further ado, here are 4 excellent staff-picked wanderguides created in the month of June. 1. Sydney […]

7 ways to find local travel tips

We had to split up the family.  4 of us on this table and 2 on the other side of the room. We fumbled our way through the menu and managed to order something. Plate after plate of antipasti and pastas were set down in front of us, and with each bite, my brain struggled […]